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Account maintenance

Changes in your business may result in changes to the data you provided us at the time you applied for, or last renewed your participation in, electronic filing.

An account maintenance option is available to all registered users of EFILE.

If you are a discounter, you must also contact the Represent a client and Discounter Services Section at 613-946-1314 to advise the Section of changes to your information previously provided for discounting purposes.

To modify your account information for electronic filing, click here then log in with your EFILE Number and password and select "Maintain account" on the resulting Web page.

You will see a screen display that shows your current EFILE account data. Since we use this information to contact you throughout the year, please ensure that the following information is current:

  • mailing address;
  • EMAIL address;
  • contact person;
  • telephone number with the extension; and
  • fax number.

The system will verify the submitted form and will generate error messages, if necessary. Make any required corrections, and resubmit the form. Once the form has been accepted and your account updated, the system will display the following confirmation page.

Although most fields on the update form can be modified as necessary, a limited number of fields cannot. Changes to these fields are considered significant enough to require a new application and a new EFILE number and password. The fields that cannot be revised are as follows:

  • Name of proprietorship, partnership, or corporation;
  • Business number;
  • Business type;
  • Federal partnership identification number; and
  • Name of business official or principle owner.

If your business has undergone one or more of the following changes, you must submit a new application:

  • a business is sold;
  • a business's organizational structure, partnership composition, or controlling interest changes;
  • branch sites or managing offices are added;
  • names of firms or business names change; or
  • partners or corporate officers change.

Contact your EFILE Helpdesk if you need more information about your specific situation. If you do submit a new application, contact your EFILE Helpdesk and ask them to cancel your existing EFILE number and password.

Sample only:

EFILE Account Maintenance Confirmation

The image above is also available in a text version