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How to correct an electronic return

If your client's return was accepted by us for processing, you are not able to change or correct the return and resend it using these services. Your client can, however, use My Account's Change my return option.

We conduct a review on each return transmitted to us. If there are problems which will prevent processing, the system will indicate the fields you will have to correct. This means the electronic tax return was not accepted for processing and your client's return is not considered to be filed.

Before signing off the system, print the EFILE web service response screen which contains the error messages. Review these messages or codes to determine what problems exist with the return.

For example, you may receive the following:


A claim was made for a spouse or common-law partner amount at Field 303 of Schedule 1 and, if applicable, at Field 5812 of Provincial or Territorial Form 428. The taxpayer's marital status is other than married or common law. Where the taxpayer was married or living common law during the year but on December 31 the marital status was other than married or living common law, enter 1 at Field 5522.

The first two sentences of the message states the problem: you haven't indicated that your client is married, but your client is claiming a credit for a spouse.

The last sentence suggests a way to fix the problem. If your client is indeed married or living common-law, change the tax return to indicate that fact. If the taxpayer is not married or living common-law, your client is not entitled to claim the married amount and you should delete the claim from the tax return or enter a 1 at field 5522 as indicated above.

If not provided, you can get the full text description of each error clue from your tax calculation software package or by downloading chapter 2 of the Electronic Filers Manual.

After you make the required changes, resave the return and retransmit it to us for processing.