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Payment information

  1. Pay electronically

    Some financial institutions offer telephone or Internet banking services.

    If you calculated a balance owing on your client's personal income tax return, your client may be able to pay that balance electronically. At the financial institution's Web site, your client should select the option to make a payment for the current year income tax return to ensure payments are processed correctly.

    If a financial institution is not listed on the CRA Web site, your client should contact it to see whether he or she can make an electronic payment.

  2. Pay by mail

    If your clients decide to pay by cheque or money order, you will have to obtain a remittance form by contacting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at 1-800-959-8281 to order non-personalized bulk orders. Mail the payment to the address indicated on the back of the remittance form.

    To help us credit the payment correctly, enter the amount on the back of the form.

    You may wish to advise your clients that for 2006 and subsequent tax years, taxpayers who had their return prepared by a tax preparer in the preceding tax year, will no longer receive a tax package from the CRA. This package included a T7DR (A) non-personalized remittance form. You may also encourage your clients to make their payments electronically through their financial institution's telephone or Internet banking services.

    We will also accept a post-dated cheque for the balance due. To avoid arrears interest, date the cheque on or before April 30. We'll process it on the date indicated.

    To ensure proper credit, the client's social insurance number should appear on the front of the cheque or money order.

  3. Pay at a financial institution

    Payment can be made at a financial institution in Canada, free of charge. Instruct your client to enter the payment amount on the remittance form and take it to the financial institution to make the payment.

Note: If the balance owing is less than $2, it is not necessary to make a payment.