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EFILE Registration Confirmation - Password Issuance

This confirms receipt of your request to participate in EFILE. Your password is shown below. We will notify you when we have completed the suitability screening. Until then, your access is restricted to account maintenance activities only.

Should you have any questions, please contact your designated xxxxxxxxx EFILE helpdesk at 1-800-265-6201.

Please check out the What's new page available on the CRA's EFILE Web site at This page provides important information, updates, and links to resources available to you.

Important messages are regularly communicated to the electronic filing community via the EFILE Web site at News and through email. These capabilities provide the CRA with the opportunity to inform you of any system changes, maintenance schedules, filing deadlines, suitability screening status, and other noteworthy issues from other organizations within the agency.

We have become aware that some Electronic Filers are not receiving EFILE emails. This occurs when the recipients' computer recognizes the incoming emails from EFILE-TED "" as spam and is dumping those emails into a junk folder, or firewalls may be configured in such a manner to prevent the receipt of these messages. You should access your own software communication programs to ensure that your spam filters, junk mailboxes, firewalls, etc. are not configured such that they prevent you from receiving the tax messages.

Form T183, Information Return for Electronic Filing of an Individual's Income Tax and Benefit Return must be completed and signed by the taxpayer prior to transmission of the return.

Where applicable, Form T1153, Consent and Request must also be completed and signed to request access to client account information.

Date : 2015/01/28 Time : 11:28:50 AM
EFILE Number : Z0123
Name : cc
Email Address : AC@GOOGLE.CA
Business Name : JAN27 TEST

Mailing Address : 123 RIVERSIDE ST
Province : ON Postal Code : K0J 0W3

Password : 1234567

Please print this page and keep it with your records. You will need your EFILE number and password to use the electronic filing services and to renew online your EFILE participation online next filing season. Remember, your password is confidential and must remain protected.